36-Passenger Trolley


This charming trolley has oak, row seating for an estimated 36 passengers. Popular with Weddings and a Dinner Night-out. Very photogenic!

24-Passenger Trolley

24-Passenger Trolley

This adorable Trolley holds up to 24 passengers and has a mixed seating arrangement. Front facing row seats combined with perimeter bench seats.....for maximum socialibility!
Great for wedding party transfers, or a night out with family or friends.

20-Passenger Trolley

22-Passenger Trolley

Welcome the newest member of our family. Cute and stylish with a great sound system to boot. Comfortable about town transportation. Perfect for any occasion. Transport your group together, no parking issues, we will take you there and pick you up when ready.

26-Passenger Trolley

26-Passenger with perimeter seating.

Bring the party with you! This trolley has roll-up windows and wrap-around perimeter seating, which leaves lots of room in the middle for your coolers or snacks.
A great jaunty ride for cruising around town, perfect for Tours, for Brewery Hops, Birthday Parties or a trip to the Beach.

34-Passenger Trolley

34 to 36 passenger capacity

Traditional charm exudes in this nostalgic trolley with oak row seating. AC makes it a all the more comfortable here in Florida.

34-Passenger Trolley

34 passenger trolley open-air style

Hop aboard and get out on the town. Wave at passers-by as you go. The windows roll-up on this 34 passenger trolley, giving you clear view to the world outside. A perfect choice for tours around town and especially during the Holiday Light Tours season.

28-Passenger Minibus

28 passenger executive minibus

Need to get your whole family to the airport, or your office staff to an off-site event. A Minibus is a great versatile vehicle. Classy enough for a group arrival at a Black Tie event



Up to 6 Passengers with luggage for an airport transfer, or maybe forget heading to the airport and stay a day for golf! Load up the clubs and head off to the course.

Luxury Sedan


Comfort for 2-3 passengers with luggage. Easily travel to the airport. Take your special other out to dinner and not worry about the driving.



Traditional style, elegant.



Families and Small groups travel well and in style with these 12-14 capacity size vans. Room for luggage and comfort make these a great choice.

This space for our next addition!


We are always leaving room for our next addition, please stay tuned:)

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